Disabled Black friends relax at a cozy sleepover.
A group of disabled Black friends talk and laugh at a sleepover, relaxing across two large beds. Everyone is dressed in colourful t-shirts and wearing a variety of sleep scarves, bonnets, and durags. On the left, two friends sit on a bed and paint each other’s nails. On the right, four people lounge on a bed. Someone person braids their friend's hair, a friend wearing a C-PAP mask laughs, another person looks up from their book. In the centre, a bedside lamp illuminates the room in warm light. Pill bottles adorn an end table.

Disabled and Here

Disabled and Here is a disability-led collection of interviews and stock images celebrating disabled BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour). In 2021, they expanded their stock collection to include digital illustrations.

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A Black person sleeping on a bed of clouds.
A Black trans person with idiopathic hypersomnia sleeps contentedly on a bed of warm blue and purple clouds. They’re wearing an eye mask and their dark curly hair is wrapped in a colourful sleep scarf. A small purple bat plushie is nestled beside them. Behind the sleeping person is a window, bathing the room in warm afternoon light. A digital clock on their windowsill shows that it's three in the afternoon.
A group of sleepy Black friends relax in comfortable chair.
Three Black friends sit in comfortable chairs and supportive recliners. In the middle, a friend with narcolepsy smiles and falls asleep. Clouds drift behind her head. Her girlfriend sits to the left, holding her hand while talking to another sleepy friend across from her. This friend holds a cup of hot cocoa to their chest. Everyone is dressed in colourful t-shirts. Cosy, warm light fills the room.