Four trans and non-binary directors of colour look forward.
Four trans and non-binary directors of colour of a variety are drawn side-by-side. They smile and look towards the future. On the left, an Asian person with long wavy hair and a short beard is drawn in profile. Next to them, a Black person wearing a pink beanie and glasses glances at the camera. An Indigenous person faces forward, a lanyard around their neck. Lastly, a mixed person with long tightly curled red hair turns to face the camera.  A colourful film strip is illustrated behind them.

Fatales Forward: Trans Stories

Fatales Forward: Trans Stories is an upcoming fellowship program from Film Fatales that supports trans directors working on their debut film. These illustrations were created for the Fatales Forward website, where you can learn more about the fellowship.

A trans woman holds up a film slate.A Black transmasculine person holds a camera.
A trans woman with brown skin and long tightly curled pink hair smiles and holds up a film slate that says “Fatales Forward: Trans Stories.” She is wearing a turquoise shirt and has dark nail polish. The background is green and blue.

A Black transmasculine person with short hair holds a camera up on their shoulder and smiles. He is wearing a purple t-shirt and grey overalls. Warm orange and pink light blurs against a blue and green background.