Portrait of Jonathan Eden, a mixed Black trans person with light brown skin, dark curly hair, and multiple facial piercings. He wears round sunglasses, an orange beret, and a white shirt with a green vest. In the background is a cafe on a sunny day.
Jonathan Soren Davidson is a South African-American writer and illustrator. He is of mixed Black and European heritage.

Jonathan's work explores themes of monstrosity, liminality and memory. He is interested in developing speculative worlds that better represent personal experiences of queerness, Madness and neurodiversity, with a particular focus in using horror as a way of exposing and subverting the fears of oppressive ideologies. He believes every act of creation has the potential to be one of embodiment and resistance.

Jonathan is currently working on “Every Time I Die, I Wake Up Here,” an interactive gothic horror comic about loss, haunting and the consequences of remembering.

His Autistic special interest is parasitic worms. 🪱

For freelance inquiries, please contact jonathansorendavidson@gmail.com.

Selected Exhibitions

ApexArt Gallery (New York, NY)


Grants for Artist Projects - Artist Trust, 2023

Black Trans Artist Fund, ggggrimes, 2021


Disabled and Here (Elea Chang, 2021)