Black and cream illustration of a Victorian man and his double holding a candelabra.

Every Time I Die, I Wake Up Here

Every Time I Die, I Wake Up Here is an ongoing gothic horror comic about ghosts, time travel and the consequences of remembering.

Across time and space, a trio are haunted by ghosts of themselves as a string of inexplicable disappearances looms over their past and future.

The supernatural meets the futuristic in an exploration of loss, memory and absence from 1889 to the 21st century. Stay tuned for glitches in space-time and giant parasitic worms.

The comic updates every Wednesday, as I'm able. You can learn more and read it on the official website. You can also read it on Tapas and support the comic's creation on Patreon.

Select pages from the comic are included below.
Sample page 1.Sample page 2.Sample page 3.Sample page 4.Sample page 5.Sample page 6.Sample page 7.Sample page 8.